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Help with BP Oil Spill Claims
After the BP Oil Spill

Types of Claims with the GCCF

The BP Claims office, the GCCF, has established two paths for filing non-emergency oil spill claims. These are interim claims and a final claim. Another final payment method, the quick claim final payment is available to businesses which filed for, and received emergency payments.

However you intend to file oil spill claims, whether as interim or final claims with the GCCF, take the time to consider obtaining the advice of someone who will perform a diligent analysis and review of your businesses specific operation and books. Thorough interviews with the owners and principles will estable areas to focus on in support of the oil spill claims, including costs and net incomes which are cyclical over annual or other periods. Such patterns are common with for restaurants, hotels and motels, wholesale seafood operations or fishing charter vessels.

Seek the assistance of a competent loss professional and legal counsel
For help with a BP Oil Spill Claim
If you lost lost income after the BP Oil Spill

Contact John Ruskin at the address or phone number, below.

John Ruskin is a Louisiana attorney and a licensed adjuster in multiple states
with a background in business claims.
Additional background on John Ruskin is available here.

There is no fee for an initial consultation.

Other details of your operation, including extraordinary expenses, deserve attention, just as the need to demonstrate and project sales but-for the BP oil spill, and income losses and damages due to the BP oil spill. As the oil spill claim size increases, the benefits of the assistance of legal counsel and competent insurance loss professionals increase.

Get competent legal and insurance loss advice before you settle

Choose wisely when you seek help for filing an oil spill claim for lost income. Ask questions, and establish your expectations, costs and potential benefits with any service provider. Be prepared to have an open and frank discussion of your circumstance during any initial consultation.

What to do now -- How to file and settle a business claim for BP Oil Spill Damages

Here are some initial steps:

For consultation on BP Oil Spill Claims, please contact John Ruskin at the address or phone number, below.

Background on John Ruskin is available here.
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