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Preparing and Filing Interim or Final Claims
After the BP Oil Spill

Concepts for the Motel & Hotel Industry

The tourist industry on the Gulf Coast was severely impacted by the BP spill, and although the BP Emergency Claim deadline passed on November 23, 2010, these businesses may still file interim claims and final claims for damages with the Gulf Coast Claims Facility ["GCCF"].

In particular, any of the following housing relating operations suffered net income and occupancy losses from the BP Oil Spill:

and would benefit by filing claims -- even if earlier emergency claims were denied in whole or in part.

In addition, the GCCF has established for hotels and motels a quick claim option, with eligibility restrictions.

For assistance after an income loss to your
hotel, motel or related business,
Caused by the BP Oil Spill
You are encouraged to contact John Ruskin at the address or phone number, below.

Background on John Ruskin is available here.

There is no fee for an initial consultation.

Interim and Final Claims with the GCCF
Require Careful analysis of the Books over an extended period

Filing and settling interim claims and final claims by hotels with the GCCF should be undertaken with a diligent analysis and review of specific operations and books over an extended period, as Gross Income for most motels, and their Net, are periodic over weekly and annual cycles. This is also true with other tourist related businesses on the Gulf of Mexico, including fishing charters or restaurants .

Get competent legal and insurance loss advice before you settle

Though motels and hotels generally have common structures and operations, each location has unique elements that distinguish it. While there are common tools for projecting income and analyzing losses, each review is unique, and should depend on the specifics of the operation.

For example, some depend heavily on longer term rentals during the high season, others are associated with, or lease space to, restaurants, and still others may rely on referrals from other competitors. Some operations include condominiums affiliated with a hotel; in some cases, separately owned management companies suffered losses.

After the spill, many hotel operations cut room rates to boost occupancy, and otherwise mitigated damages by longer term and low cost leases to cleanup crews. Despite this mitigation, most still encountered reduced net income, and have deferred maintenance and improvements, leading to a long-term impact on profitability.

For these and many other reasons, demonstrating and projecting sales but-for the BP spill, and income losses and damages due-to the BP spill, should be undertaken with the assistance of both legal counsel, and competent insurance loss professionals.

What to do now -- How Hotels & Motels may file and settle a claim for BP Damages

As with any fire, flood or other loss event, "how to" is founded on preparation and the advice you get. Here are some initial steps:

For an initial consultation on motels' and hotels' BP claims, please contact John Ruskin at the address or phone number, below.

Background on John Ruskin is available here.
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