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Help for Lost Income or Lost Business Claims
After the BP Oil Spill

Options available with the GCCF

The Gulf Coast Claims Facility ["GCCF"], is accepting and processing interim and final claims for damages from businesses and individuals.

However, as the oil spill claim size grows, or has complexity arising from cyclical revenues, inventory issues, impacts on good will, or other reasons, additional help evaluating and resolving claims, and their alternatives, should be considered.

Seek the help of a competent business loss professional
For BP Oil Spill Claims.
If your business lost revenue

Contact John Ruskin at the address or phone number, below.

John Ruskin is a Louisiana attorney and a licensed adjuster in multiple states
with a background in business claims.
Additional background on John Ruskin is available here.

There is no fee for an initial consultation.

Help with Claims Types Offered by the GCCF

The GCCF, has established two paths for oil spill claims. Help is available for interim claims and a final claim. In addition, Businesses which filed for, and received emergency payments, are eligible for a "quick claim final payment", without filing additional paperwork other than a release. Help is also available for evaluating the advantages and risks of accepting a quick payment.

Any business will benefit by help with GCCF final, interim or quick claims following the BP Oil Spill. The larger the loss, the more likely an investment in that help may be beneficial. These businesses may include hotels and motels, restaurants, wholesale seafood operations or fishing charter vessels, offshore diving companies or other businesses.

Get help with BP Oil Spill Claims using competent legal and insurance loss advice before you settle

Choose wisely when you seek help for filing an oil spill claim for lost income, whether it is help for final claims with the GCCF, or help with interim claims. Ask questions of potential providers -- establish your expectations and costs for that help, from the initial consultation through to project completion.

What to do now -- How to approach, file and settle claims for BP Oil Spill Claim Damages

Consider these initial suggestions for planning for receiving help and assistance resolving business interruption claims,

With any claim, consider seeking help from a competent loss professional, and the help of legal counsel.

For help and consultation on BP claims, please contact John Ruskin at the address or phone number, below.

Background on John Ruskin is available here.
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