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GCCF Claims Types
Available to Claimants
After the BP Oil Spill

Interim and Final Claims with the GCCF

The Gulf Coast Claims Facility ["GCCF"] claims office established two paths for filing non-emergency claims. These are interim claims and a final claim.

Generally, GCCF interim claims are quarterly claims which do not obligate the business to waive future damages. The GCCF Protocol anticipates that claimants may file one or more interim claims, each covering a 3 month period, and claim payments will not require a settlement agreement releasing responsible parties. Those that file interim claims with the GCCF would ultimately also file a final claim with the GCCF

GCCF final claims, in contrast, settle all past and future claims for damages, and require a signed release before receiving a GCCF final payment from the GCCF. Although interim claims may have been filed, they are not prerequisites to filing for a GCCF final claim. Seek advice before filing any claims with the GCCF, and before signing any settlement agreement.

Seek the assistance of a competent business loss professional
If your business was damaged or lost income
After the BP Oil Spill

Contact John Ruskin at the address or phone number, below.

John Ruskin is a Louisiana attorney and a licensed adjuster in multiple states
with a background in business claims.
Additional background on John Ruskin is available here.

There is no fee for an initial consultation.

Quick Payment with the GCCF

Businesses which filed for, and received emergency GCCF payments, are now eligible for a lump sum settlement. This "Quick Claim Final Payment" from the GCCF offers $25,000 to those businesses without the need for further documentation. A similar, $5,000 payment is available to individuals who received emergency payments. These require full releases -- seek counsel before agreeing.

Review alternative routes to recovery, including filing litigation and a filing with the Coast Guard under the OPA.

Carefully review your options

Undertake claims with the GCCF with a diligent analysis and review of your businesses specific operation and books. With many industries, particularly hotels and motels and other tourist locations on the Gulf Coast, income after costs-of-goods, or net income, are cyclical over weekly and annual periods. Similar patterns exist for restaurants, wholesale seafood operations or fishing vessels.

Businesses demonstrating and projecting sales but-for the BP spill, and income losses and damages due to the BP spill, will benefit from the assistance of both legal counsel and competent insurance loss professionals.

While there are common tools for projecting income and analyzing losses, each review is unique, and depend on the specifics of the operation. For example, the claim analysis for an individual deep sea or offshore diver is different from a diving business with payroll and a large capital outlay. Choose wisely when you seek help for filing a claim for lost income.

What to do now -- Approaching the GCCF to file claims

Whether or not your business has filed for emergency support from the GCCF, consider filing both interim and final claims with the GCCF.

For consultation on claims to the GCCF connected with the BP oil spill, please contact John Ruskin at the address or phone number, below.

Background on John Ruskin is available here.
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